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M.R. Sterling

A Video Production Company

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Craftsmanship Matters

We offer Identity, Testimony, Memorial, Adoption, Baptism, Fundraising , safety videos and so much more (see our services page for details)! Our versatile services will meet you at your need!  Whether we create a video for business or personal reasons, our vision is to give voice to your ideas and to work creatively with you to bring them to life.  Our personal commitment to you is threefold: 

1) Quality is a must!  Camera shy?  We've got a program for that. 

2) Superior customer service.  We will promptly return calls , emails, texts, tweets, Instagrams, and smoke signals. 

3) We will, above all, work with the utmost honesty, integrity, and professionalism. 


Schedule your Free consult

Video needs? We want to help! Simply schedule a noncommittal meeting with us so we can better understand how we might serve you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Let's get rolling today (see what we did there?)!