My Day at Work (Noah Durling)

Before I start, this is being told from the point of view of a child, so now you know my dad doesn’t wake up at 6:30 to go to school every day. Today was normal, I got up around 6:30 to go to school, got ready, did my morning routines, and rode my skateboard to school as usual. Everything was normal until math class when I realized my HUGE mistake. I forgot to stay home today. I had even remembered the night before not to set my alarm so I didn’t have to wake up early. Anyway, I went down to the office to leave and I eventually got out to go to “bring your child to work day”.


The beginning of my day at M.R. Sterling Productions was actually not at the studio but in the Yoder’s Country Market for a meeting my dad had. I enjoyed it because number one I got free chocolate and I got to hear about what goes on in that place. We talked about how to show people the farm to table aspect of their market place and to really sell their milk and why they are the place to go for good quality milk. We also were going to show why their cows are the best.


After all of that, we went back to the studio to do another meeting, but it was for Prose on Production. We proposed ideas for how to make the videos more interesting for you guys to watch. So, we all did some research and we proposed ideas to make videos better as our overall goal is exposure.


One thing we decided on was better content, like more engaging and fun things. You will be seeing some really fun stuff on the show soon like MAYBE… A giant gummy bear and strangely flavored sodas. Another thing we decided on was better thumbnails. Before we didn’t have much to show for a thumbnail anyway so this is a good way to make everything better for you.

So we started looking to the internet for ideas and one thing me and my dad both thought of was Good Mythical Morning. I and my dad were showing my mom how this is the kind of thing we should be headed towards. It took her a little, but she hopped right on board after we explained how that is entertaining content. Another thing we want to do is start making Man on the street videos which are short 5-8-minute videos about local businesses and just like a friendly conversational interview. It’s would be completely free for it and we would post it on our website and Instagram. So, if any business owners are looking for free advertising you might want to check that out.


Basically, I had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed my time. This is what I plan to do in the future but not just because of today. Honestly, it’s my dream to work with my family and do something I love, and most of my character traits go great with this job. Plus, it’s easier to work for my family because it's hard to get denied by your family. And I guess that's it.


Micah Durling