Birth Videos by Rebecca

A New Offering from M.R. Sterling Productions LLC

I would consider birth one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime. To see life being brought into the world fills me with awe and wonder at the miracle that it truly is! What a magnificent creation we all are from the moment of conception!


Since the birth of my own four children, I’ve held with me this desire to be involved in the birthing process in some way with others. Ideas of being a doula have floated around in my mind. BUT something I did not consider earlier on was birth videos! Now that I’m in the film industry, I have the perfect opportunity at my fingertips to provide an ongoing memory for others. I regret not having my own. Each experience was special with my kids in its own way. I replay it in my mind and hope I never forget the joy and preciousness of the process that brought my children into this world.


A favorite memory that will forever live on in my mind is the birth of our last son. I had planned to have Micah “catch” him, but when it came time for delivery, the midwife was more than gracious in giving Micah the opportunity to deliver him from start to finish! She coached him through the entire process and what a special time it was! We were both flabbergasted that she would allow this and are so thankful for the experience. Micah considers it one of the biggest highlights of his lifetime. Now I wish I could go back and watch it! If only…


As I write this, I am anticipating my first ever birth video. I am so excited and so very honored to be given this opportunity. I am eagerly waiting for my phone call to go to the hospital. My camera bag is packed and ready by the door! (insert squeal) If all goes as planned, I will be sharing a portion of my first video with you.


While this birth video is my first experience of shooting and editing the entire process on my own, I have waited to be sure that I feel confident in being able to work through the entire process. This is a big, yet very exciting leap for me. Oh the possibilities!


To say that this is a passion would be an understatement. You get me talking about pregnancy, birth or babies and well I won’t be quiet. After our family was complete I went through a grief process. I thought all things” baby” had ended for me until grandchildren. But God in His perfect time began to show me that this love did not have to go by the wayside. I love how He cares for these details of our hearts.


I’m going to wrap this up, but I do want to say that I count it a privilege to be starting this journey. As with anything “new” to our business, we are offering significant discounts as I build out my portfolio. So, if you or someone you know is having a baby I hope to hear from you soon!


Until next time….


“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14