The Future of M.R. Sterling Productions LLC

We’re Expanding

Lord willing, within the next weeks M.R. Sterling Productions LLC will be adding some services and even starting a new branch of business. I wish I could spell it out here, but it would be a little premature. The new services were probably inevitable, but we’re excited to be able to tell you about them soon. The new branch of business, however, is something we’ve considered before and decided against moving forward. It was an idea suggested by a dear friend, so we looked into it. Rebecca was gung-ho, but I voted the idea down because (at the time) I couldn’t see how it integrated into our current business model. In the weeks that followed that initial rejection, there were multiple conversations, several realizations, and a large amount of prayer. Eventually, I had a better sense of how this new set of services not only created the opportunity to do more video production in the future, but that it also led to more complete solutions for our clients. I know that sounds like a whole lot of nothing, but in another week or so it will become clearer.


James Burke

Back in the late 70’s James Burke created, wrote, and starred in television series called “Connections.” Later, he would go on to create a sequel called Connections 2. I loved it. The show combined history and technology in such an engaging way, that I never realized how much I was learning. James Burke remains, to my mind, one of the best historical storytellers of all time. One of the more enthralling aspects of each episode was how James would introduce and discuss seemingly disparate events and inventions (like pumps from Cornwall, England and matches by two Swedish brother called Lundstrom) and demonstrate how each built upon the other until we reached a modern day marvels like copiers, skyscrapers, and even space travel. In a similar way we are taking an emerging technology that seems tenuously related to our current business but, in fact, greatly enhances the kinds of things we can do for our clients. In this way we hope to create a solid niche for ourselves in the years ahead. As with so many things, time will tell. We covet your prayers because, while we’re very excited, this represents a little bit of a pivot for our business. Not a complete change of direction, but definitely a slightly different (we believe better!) trajectory.



The Days and Weeks Ahead

The first thing to keep a lookout for has actually already taken place. Last Friday there was an unboxing video that briefly touched on the technology called Matterport that we’ll be using for this new venture of ours. If you haven’t seen it, definitely go take a look at it now. Next week’s blog (6/3) will be focused on the new services we’ll be providing. In fact, it’s Rebecca’s baby so the post will be from her. After that, we’ll openly discuss a lot more in our Prose on Production series. Hopefully, by the end of all that, you’ll understand not only what we’re up to, but how it really enhances our business offerings to our clients in a unique, but extraordinarily powerful way. We hope that you will join us on this journey of discovery. Each new year in business things seems to change so dramatically—it’s hard to mentally keep up. Still, we are more confident than ever that the year ahead is going to be chock full of new and exciting possibilities. We look forward to sharing and discussing our work with you. Indeed, we may need to create a DBA for our new venture, so there may be a contest forthcoming and that means a prize. You never know! Have a great week!