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Identity videos are about creating an emotional connection between you, what you do, and the customer for whom you do it.  This style of video will amplify your passion, humanize your business, and make you an approachable person with whom most people would enjoy doing business. 

It can also build credibility for you.  More people will trust your expertise if they hear you speaking to it well and with passion.  As a side note, don't confuse passion with drama.  A better word might be, "conviction."



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One of the neatest things about video is that it can be kept in perpetuity in "the cloud."  So now we can offer this unique service.  Say the things you need to say to loved ones while you're healthy enough mentally and physically to do so.  There's no limit to the number of copies, so share with them the things that are most important to you, and things you want the next generation to remember many years after your gone.  Like building a lasting memorial, let us help you create a special video for your loved ones. 


Many folks don't realize that a video can serve as a legal supplement to a written Last Will and Testament.  It can't serve in place of a written Will, but it can augment the defense of one.  For example, a video recording of the signing and reading of the will on camera can help prove you were of sound mind.  Whether you want to create a clear and concise Will, explain some of the reasoning behind your beneficiary decisions, or even encourage the next generation after your passing, M.R. Sterling can help.



Sometimes life takes you in a direction you never expected to go, but your faith grew as a result of the experience.  Treated as a subset of the Memorial style, Testimony videos allow you to capture the moment and share it with friends, family, coworkers, and even future generations.




Depending on the situation the adoption process can run the emotional gamut from heart-wrenching pain to elated joy and everything in between.  As difficult as it is, capturing these moments can be a source of encouragement as you look back and see how many things worked out for the best. 


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The purpose of a baptism video is to give an opportunity for the person being baptized to state clearly the reason for their hope.  It can be difficult for a person who isn't a natural public speaker to hold a paper, hold the microphone, remember the words, and speak loud enough to be heard.  Video removes all of those obstacles and helps clarify the message in a way that is seamless, engaging, and impactful.



People are more likely to give to a cause they feel connected to.  There are few mediums that can match the empathy creating power of film.  Show supporters the people you are trying to help, the workers who labor to help them, and the difference their contributions will make. 


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Whether it needs to be somber or you want to produce a lighthearted instructional video, M.R. Sterling Productions LLC can help you achieve regulation compliance and do it in a way that is both professional and timely.  

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But someone will say, ‘You have faith and I have works.’ Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.
— James the Apostle