M.R. Sterling Presents

Virtual Tours

powered by Matterport 

As of Spring 2019, M.R. Sterling Productions became a Matterport Service Provider. We are thrilled to be providing this service. You may wonder what on earth this has to do with video production. Fair question. One of the amazing things about Matterport is the ability to scan an environment with photographic and infrared imagery. These images are then used to create a photorealistic 3D “space” that you can interact with. Confused by the technobabble? Just use it and you’ll see the difference immediately. More than that, these images have the ability to have mattertags placed in the virtual environment. These tags can be anything: text, images, music and even VIDEO. We hope you can see the significance of being able to offer such integrated services. We now have the ability to serve more clients with better tools across a broader range of media. Here is a video with a few of the details (below that are a couple of examples—try them out!):